Aquaplast Original Thermoplastic Sheets

Item Code
Sku Size Colour RRP Qty
A962421 1.6mm / 45 x 60cm / UltraPerf 13% Beige $109.00
A964301 1.6mm / 45 x 60cm / UltraPerf 13% White $9,999.00
A96435 1.6mm / 45 x 60cm / OptiPerf 19% Beige $121.00
A96439 2.4mm / 45 x 60cm / Solid Beige $150.00
A96444 2.4mm / 45 x 60cm / OptiPerf 19% Beige $140.00
A96431 3.2mm / 45 x 60cm / Solid White $158.00
A96437 3.2mm / 45 x 60cm / Solid Beige $158.00
A96444-1 3.2mm / 45 x 60cm / OptiPerf 19% Beige $9,999.00

Aquaplast® Original Splinting Material – Moderate Resistance to Stretch Instant bonding

Handling Characteristics:

  • Clings to the skin whilst contouring, providing the experienced splintmaker with an extra set of hands whilst forming the splint
  • Provides the same handling properties as Aquaplast-T but bonds instantly and permanently on contact
  • 100% memory allows repeated reheating and economical splint revisions
  • Great for attaching outriggers or other components
  • Perforated materials allow ventilation and reduce weight of finished splint
  • Provides controlled stretch and excellent contouring
  • Transparent for observing pressure points and landmarks whilst moulding
  • Resists finger printing
  • Edges trim easily
  • Latex free


  • Bonds permanently when heated surfaces are pinched together
  • Bond is especially strong if material is dry-heated

Heating and Working Times:

Size Heating Time Working Time
1.6mm 70°C-75°C water for 35 seconds 1-2 minutes working time
2.4mm 70°C-75°C water for 1 minute 2-3 minutes working time
3.2mm 70°C-75°C water for 1 minute 4-6 minutes working time

Clinical Indications:

  • Perfect for dynamic splinting and outrigger attachments
  • Wide variety of Upper and Lower Limb pathologies
  • The Rolyan Aquaplast Original is a non-draping material that provides the control needed for proper conforming. The recommended uses for the Original are: splints that require revisions, serial splints,large splints, splints for spasticity, ankle stirrup splints, foot drop splints
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