Aquacast Waterproof Cast Padding

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73363-00 5cm Single Roll $24.90
73363-01 7.5cm Single Roll $31.50
73363-02 10cm Single Roll $39.00
73363-03 15cm Single Roll $66.00

AquaCast Liners are waterproof, breathable, and washable, minimizing cast-related frustrations. Our liners replace the cotton liners and stockinettes underneath a fiberglass cast, giving patients the freedom to continue their normal daily activities – bathing, showering, and even swimming. AquaCast Liners can be used with any type of fiberglass cast.

AquaCast Liner is the best waterproof cast liner. Developed by engineers in conjunction with an orthopaedic surgeon and OTCs from across the country, AquaCast Liner has become the choice for hospitals and practices looking to provide the best patient care possible. Ask your healthcare provider for a cast with an AquaCast Liner.

Aquacast is the original waterproof cast padding. It was originally invented by Gore the makers of Gortex liner. The materiel often used in ski coats. Aquacast (formerly Gore Procel cast has stood the test of time and is a favorite among many of our doctors.

A broken foot can already be difficult to deal with. Why have to deal with a dirty smelly cast on top of your injury. AquaCast Waterproof cast padding can make your fiberglass cast completely waterproof. Now you can shower, bathe, and even swim in a cast while you are recovering from your broken foot. A waterproof cast will keep your cast clean and germ free. If you need a waterproof long leg cast LLC, simply double the order of the short leg cast!

All AquaCast Liner products are not made with natural rubber latex.

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