Active Ankle Brace T2

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Our most popular 'stirrup' support, this design has proven so effective it has remain relatively unchanged for many years. Made popular with Olympic volleyball players

Sku Size Colour RRP Qty
AA2-WH-SL Small White $59.00
AA2-WH-MD Medium White $59.00
AA2-WH-LG Large White $59.00
AA2-BK-LG Large Black $59.00
AA2-BK-SL Small Black $59.00
AA2-BK-MD Medium Black $59.00

The "T2" features a durable, quick-fitting single strap system that is adjustable for both high- and low-top shoes. That, combined with feather-light E.V.A. padding that hugs every contour of the ankle, offers a sleeker, less bulky brace while still offering maximum performance and protection.

The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace:

  • Fits on either foot.
  • Designed to protect an injured ankle or minimize the risk of ankle injury with minimal impact on range of motion and performance.
  • Offers exceptional levels of protection at an affordable price point
  • Adjustable for both low-top and high-top shoes

The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace is ideal for:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Other sports that require minimising the effect of sprains and strains

The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace Design:

The Active Ankle Ankle brace is sleek and is less-bulky than competiting braces. The design features feather-light, custom molded EVA padding, which provides a snug fit to contour of the ankle. The anatomical bilateral hinge allows full foot range of motion in the ankle.

Active Ankle T2 Sizing (US Shoe size)

Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size Active Ankle Size
5-8 1/2 6 1/2-9 1/2 S
9-12 10-13 M
12 1/2-16 13 1/2-16 L
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