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Key Supplies

  • Pro-Tec Athletics

    Pro-Tec provide innovative solutions in their range including body supports, self massage, stretching, skin protection, and kinesiology. All products include a self-help guide and great retail packaging.

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  • Dr Med Bracing and Supports

    Our Dr Med range covers a huge range of orthopaedic bracing supported by hospitals and clinicians all over Australia. You get the highest quality, most reliable braces at right price

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  • Sports Physio Supplies

    Take to the field with confidence. Sportstek covers all your sporting club needs including tapes, bandages, skin protection, wound care, creams and rubs, kinesiology tapes, and wound care.

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  • Neurotrac

    Cutting edge electrotherapy equipment including biofeedback EMG/ETS machines, muscle stimulators, tens machines, electrodes, and clinical analysis software. Our Neurotrac products provide clinicians with a wide range of options to manage pain and prescribe/assess patient progress through rehabilitation programmes.

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  • Comffit

    We are continually developing the Comffit range to reflect the most common items sold in a physio practice. Included in the range is anything from manual therapy items to heel raisers to ice wraps.

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  • Chison

    Professional medical imaging and diagnostic ultrasound machines with over 20 years in development. Representing advanced technology, user-friendly design, strict quality control & life-time after-sales service.

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Welcome toSportstek

At Sportstek we promote healthy living and physical vitality by providing the Fitness and Allied Health industry with quality products, news, and education. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for allied health businesses around Australia. Our regular customers include hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, Pilates clinics, massage therapists, sports trainers, clubs, universities, gyms, and fitness trainers

Sportstek is always looking to push forward developments in the clinical/manual therapy world by supporting creators of cutting edge products and new clinical ideas and methods. Over the last 30 years we have played a key role in the introduction of many clinical disciplines now common to an average health clinic's treatment regime.

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